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With close to 30 years of industry expertise, Spectrum Medical Diagnostics is committed to supporting the healthcare community with customized solutions and exemplary customer service. We are licensed under Health Canada with a Medical Device Establishment License (MDEL: 3171), ensuring our products meet stringent quality and safety standards.

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Spectrum Medical Diagnostics is a leading supplier of rapid point-of-care tests. Product integrity and the application of education, prevention, treatment, and management are the foundation of our professional success.

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Customer Testimonials

"SpecCheck has provided us with key materials and testing devices needed to meet the needs of many industries in Alberta, the quickness of the product has been instrumental in our success as a third party provider for drug and alcohol testing. Working with Spectrum MDX has been easy, their staff members are friendly and helpful, and they are always available to answer any questions or concerns. A higher panel has been beneficial as most companies have no idea who needs to be tested for what. The pricing options and how Spectrum is able to work with us makes them a key provider for our company."

Sara, Operations Manager

"Spectrum’s service has always been fast, efficient and always very personal and friendly—one quick call or email and our orders are ready to go and the billing is straightforward with no hiccups or surprises. When you work in a high-stress industry with a lot of surprises, it is nice to be able to rely on partners like Spectrum to meet our organizational needs with such trustworthy professionalism and responsiveness."

Jeremiah, Recovery Centre Manager

"Spectrum has been extremely efficient and easy to work with. They kept information simple and were always swift to respond to questions with clear concise answers. After switching to Spectrum, there was a large improvement in morale. People were obviously concerned as to the whole idea of working during a pandemic, so working with Spectrum allowed us to keep people informed and calm while at work. This in turn ensured our customers were never let down."

Hamid, Mine Foreman

"Spectrum MDX is one of the few companies that we have found that offers urine dips that test for alcohol. They have the ability to meet the quantities we need, offer quality products, provide excellent customer service, and have reasonable prices. I've never had a need to look into other competitors because Spectrum MDX has been so amazing."

Lindsay, Clinical Director